I'm Leonie, born and bred in Kent and Sussex and passionate about nature, good food and all things love!


My style of photography is natural, joyful, candid and warm. It is important to me to recognise that your relationship is unique, no two couples are the same so I won't photograph you like you are!


I am interested in your history, your shared interests, your love language, your experiences and what led you both to where you are now. My job isn't to ask you these questions but to explore them through the moments of connection you share with one another and to document them truthfully without awkwardness and fabrication.


Your wedding is the one day where all your family and loved ones are gathered for possibly the only day in your lifetime. Family is very important to me and it is at the heart of the way I photograph weddings. It is a privilege for it to be my job to make the most of this one day of families joining, by capturing beautiful moments for you to keep and look back on for years to come.